Wiring and fault finding.

Need to find a fault in your wiring?

Are you wondering why all of a sudden, some of the electrical items in your vehicle have stopped working? It could be that there is a short in the wiring.

You can enlist the services of one of our experienced auto electricians, who can help you to find and fix the fault.

The complexity of the job can vary. However, the experience of our auto electricians means they will be able to find the fault fairly quickly. If you can provide a description of what you think has happened, they will test the wiring, find the fault and then replace the wiring for you.

Do you only need wiring?

No problem. If you want fresh new wires on your vehicle that’s organised well, our auto electricians can help you with it. Simply make an enquiry about the type of wiring job that you would like to have done and they can provide you with an estimated quote for the job.

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