Caravan Electrical Wiring, Installations, and Repairs

Do you need electrical work done on your caravan? The team from LJ auto electricals can help you fix any issues with your caravan electrical system.

What kind of caravan electrical work can be done?

Our onsite Caravan electrical services include the following:

  • Electric breaks
  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Chargers
  • Anderson Plugs
  • Led Lighting
  • 12 Volt wiring
  • 12 volt Fridge wiring
  • 12v power socket installation / repairs
  • 5v usb socket installation
  • Water pumps for drinking water and showers.
  • Trailer plugs
  • Indicator repairs / installation

What are some of the common caravan electrical jobs that we do?

12 volt to 24-volt conversions

We’ve conducted work where the caravan is fitted with a 24-volt system, but requires a conversion from 12 volts.

This will require a wiring job that will connect up the 12-volt caravan wiring loom via a trailer plug.

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