Battery installation and replacement.

Have you discovered that your batteries are no longer charged? Are you also finding that the lack of power is affecting the performance and operation of your vehicle?

Then you probably need to replace the batteries on your vehicle. Our auto electricians can check the ‘health’ of the batteries on your vehicle and advise you of the steps that you need to do to replace the batteries.

How much will it cost to replace the batteries?

It depends on the type of battery that your vehicle needs and the amount of batteries required to power the vehicle.

The charge will include the fee for the batteries plus the labour time of the auto electrician. If the battery replacement is conducted outside of business hours, it may incur an emergency or after hours fee.

Can I get a jumpstart for my vehicle?

You can ask our auto electricians after they have tested the batteries, although it is a temporary solution. If you don’t want your vehicle to get stuck and risk emergency callout fees, it is best that you go with the replacement advice of the auto electrician.

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